A New Perspective

From flying model aircraft since childhood to flying gliders as a private pilot and drones as a Part 107 FAA licensed sUAS pilot, I have been at the controls for decades.  My flight skills combined with nearly 20 years of professional video production experience guarantees I'll get the shots you want. 

Aerial photography is a natural tool for film and video production, but it's not limited to entertainment.

rural vista.jpg


  • Show off the property while giving your buyers a unique view of the surrounding area.
  • Great for showing off large tracts of farmland and forested areas where capturing images from the ground is limited 
  • Take stills for referencing property lines and geographical features.


  • Scan acres of land
  • Check on crop growth, damage
  • Take multiple images from the same areas over time


  • Survey potential job sites from above
  • Map construction areas
  • Shoot recurring images for use in time lapse


Did you know?

Flying a drone for a company you work for without an FAA sUAS(small unmanned aerial system) license is illegal.  Even if an employee offers the service "free of charge" it is still considered a commercial flight so it is illegal unless the pilot is certified by the FAA under Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.  Any local law enforcement agent has the right to stop a pilot and ask for proof of certification during any flight operation.  Having someone fly for your business without certification could lead to legal action and end up costing a lot of money.  

Flying in US airspace is a very regulated activity and drone pilots know best how to get the shots and do it in a safe manner.  We have studied airspace and flight regulations and have been tested and trained to fly safely and accurately.  If you have a need for aerial photography, be safe and hire a licensed professional.

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